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Ashampoo Snap

With Ashampoo Snap 14, taking screenshots or videos is almost like magic! Everything you see on your screen is captured with precision along with numerous smart settings. The built-in editor will take care of the subsequent processing and file management. But Snap also gives you a lot of tools to make your screenshots more meaningful: automatic numbering, comments, shapes, clip art and more help you tell your story in style! Whether you’re working from home, need to quickly explain a process, or plan to create an entire manual, Snap 14 has the tools you need!

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Windows 11
  • All-new image editor
  • Simplicity meets power: new user interface
  • Excellent video quality up to 4K
  • Improved audio quality with higher bitrate
  • Switchable toolbar labels
  • Completely redesigned recording area
  • Multi-purpose capture tool for rectangular areas, scrolling websites and more
  • Animated clear user interface
  • Modern editor with a new design
  • Important options right in the recording area
  • New settings window with a redesigned structure

New Heart, New Soul

The image editor has always been at the heart of Ashampoo Snap as it provides all the tools to annotate, illustrate and polish your screenshots with comments, arrows, clipart and effects. For Ashampoo Snap 14, it has been completely redesigned! We wanted to give you a streamlined, highly functional and simple design that allows you to get the job done without distractions. And we believe that we succeeded! See for yourself and experience a level of visual clarity and intuitive controls you’ve never seen before in a screenshot editor!

Win-Win Approach

The balance between simplicity and functionality is an ongoing struggle. After all, what good is software that is very easy to use but hardly offers the most mundane features? The new Snap 14 image editor offers simple operation while retaining the powerful feature set that defines our Snap product line. Streamlined workflows and favorites for quick access to features help you reach your goals without distractions, including mouse acrobatics. Even if you’ve never used Snap before, you’ll be productive in minutes. Visualize and express your thoughts and ideas in style and turn a thousand words into one picture!

An Indispensable Companion For Your Home Office

Ashampoo Snap 14 is the perfect tool to complement your home office work with screenshots and videos. Whether you’re an insider or on the front lines, Snap makes your communications faster, more efficient, and more meaningful. Suggestions, discussions or explanations benefit from a more visual approach. This “show, don’t tell” approach exists for a reason! Capture everything you see on screen and complete the message with annotations, clipart and effects. Video capture, editing and sharing are also fully supported. Ashampoo Snap 14 is a tool that takes your communication to the next level without complicated training or hardware requirements!

At Home Or In The Office: Get To The Point Faster

Ashampoo Snap 14 makes capturing screen and video easier than ever before. Work faster, more efficiently and more productively with just one click. Unleash your creativity with flexible design options and take advantage of the new streamlined image editor. Quickly capture pixel-perfect screenshots and highlight your designs with annotations, arrows, shapes, and clipart. Visually highlight issues or important points in your documents, and stimulate your readers’ creativity with thoughtful combinations of text and images. You won’t believe how quickly Ashampoo Snap 14 will increase your productivity and become an integral part of our daily work!

Smart Desktop Capture And Sharing

Once activated, Magic Eye Snap automatically detects the items under the mouse pointer (browser windows, program menus, images, etc.) and offers instant, pixel-perfect one-click capture. But it doesn’t stop there: Snap can also capture custom rectangular or arbitrary areas, and even supports content scrolling! Naturally, the program supports all possible exchange options, including email and Ashampoo Webspace!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) For Your Screenshots

Ashampoo Snap’s built-in OCR engine is especially handy. It supports seven languages ​​and allows you to convert any image with text into text ready for editing with the click of a button. Stop copying text by hand and digitize it today!

Quick And Easy Video Editing

Not every video recording is an instant success. Advertising, unnecessary transitions or pauses are frequent troubles. The same goes for screen recordings. Save the important parts and get rid of the superfluous with Ashampoo Snap! Remove ads, crashes or unnecessary scenes, split videos into separate episodes. Whether you’re just recording, creating an advanced webinar, or creating a high-quality presentation: with Ashampoo Snap, any captured video will be a success!

Create Videos For Any Purpose

Creating video tutorials or tutorials is extremely easy with Ashampoo Snap. You can add text prompts, pictures, and voice explanations to your video. To make everything clearer, visualize mouse clicks and keystrokes, add watermarks to protect your intellectual property. Take it to the next level and add a live stream from your webcam with just one click. It’s your ticket to fun tutorials, webinar prep, and a way to show exactly what’s important to you, naturally!

Ideal For Different Resolutions And Multi-Monitor Systems

Ashampoo Snap fully supports multi-monitor systems, even those with different resolutions and DPIs, such as Full HD and 4K systems. Each monitor is captured at its own resolution for maximum clarity, and the results can be edited immediately. And as soon as you find yourself in the editor, everything will be simple and clear for both beginners and professionals!

Create Gifs From Any Video

It’s impossible to imagine the Internet without a lot of stunning GIFs. But they can also be used in tutorials or demos for more effect. Ashampoo Snap can turn any part of a video into a GIF. Just set the start and end positions, run the built-in converter and you’re done!

More Than Just A Slicing Tool: Advanced User-Friendly Features

Ashampoo Snap takes on a lot of the hard work. Automatic numbering or delayed capture will help you make captures as close as you want them to be. Annotate text and images, or use fills. Add highlights to specific areas, blur sensitive data, or use a highlighter to draw attention in style!

Capture Desktop Contents And Save Videos Or Images From The Internet

The Internet is full of exciting images, texts and videos. Ashampoo Snap makes it easy to grab what you like! Save images and videos, edit them on the fly to your liking! Everything you see on the screen or hear through your sound card can be captured by Snap!

Create Screenshots Quickly And With Great Flexibility

Even a child can handle creating and editing screenshots with Ashampoo Snap. An entire desktop or a separate piece, websites with one-pass scrolling – all with just one click! Use time to your advantage and capture time-lapse screenshots or capture content with pixel-perfect accuracy. Ashampoo Snap is a screenshot software that has it all – intuitive controls and high performance features!

Take High-Quality Screenshots While You Play

Ashampoo Snap takes perfect screenshots of your games, even in full screen mode. Capture your epic adventures in 4K. Save your greatest victories, best scores and game moments forever!


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