HHD Software Serial Monitor Ultimate 8 With Crack

HHD Software Serial Monitor Ultimate allows you to monitor the data that devices and apps exchange over serial ports. The program facilitates the development, debugging and analysis of software and hardware solutions that use serial communications for data exchange. It has full set of tools for successful decoding of serial protocols and analyzing packets data. The application’s various editions include features for filtering, browsing, searching, recording, and data playback.

Serial Monitor provides not only a wide range of visualization tools for popular serial protocols (including PPP, MODBUS, BACnet MSTP) and raw data, but also utilities for creating your own custom visualizers, allowing you to parse any data and custom protocols in a convenient way. In addition to visualizers, product includes tools for data exporting, reproducing data from previously recorded log files, redirecting this data to COM ports, advanced serial port terminal, utility for sending MODBUS Commands and built-in scripting for tools automation.

This is entirely a software COM port analyzing and serial port data logging solution that allows you to avoid using hardware equipment, null-modem cable, additional DB-25 or DE-9 connectors and so on.

Our serial port data capturing software has been developed and constantly improved for more than 20 years. It has an intuitive user interface, detailed documentation with examples and requires no special programming skills to start using it. Download this COM port analyzer now and start spying serial ports in a few seconds!

HHD Software Serial Monitor Ultimate

Key Features

Serial ports & devices real time monitoring

The Serial Monitor detects all installed serial ports and PnP or virtual serial devices and displays them, grouping by device class. The list is automatically updated every time you plug or unplug a serial device.

Each device’s communications can be monitored in real time, and highly efficient and carefully optimized data processing algorithms help avoid communication delays. This makes our product, in fact, the only nonintrusive software serial protocol analyzer on the market today.

COM ports data filtering & output customization

Product offers a generic serial data/requests filtering feature, which allows you to configure filtering for different visualizers, create filtering schemes and quickly apply them to different visualizer windows.

Additionally, you may change the appearance of visual elements for monitored packets in the data visualizers including MODBUS View, Request View (Serial, Bridge), Data View, PPP View. No other solution will allow you to adjust your output as flexibly and conveniently as our product.

Serial data logging & log file playback to the screen

Our product is the only one among all serial ports sniffers, which offers you the opportunity not only to monitor the data in real time, but also to record the received data in the log file with the possibility to replay and analyze it later.

Using our product, you will not only be able to reproduce arbitrary fragments of previously recorded data on the screen, but also redirect them to a selected serial port (See “Data Repeater” feature). This feature is also implemented only in our product.

Browsing monitored data, searching for data patterns

Basic Serial Monitor functionality includes the ability to view and navigate monitored serial data. All data visualizers allow a given data pattern to be easily found using the search function. The search may be performed among the whole visualizer contents or among the selected area only.

Some visualizers also provide advanced searching capabilities, including searching for text in different encodings or binary data and a search with regular expressions.

Monitoring of bridged serial connections

Serial Bridge is a unique feature of our product. It is used to monitor the serial connection between two distinct serial devices. In this mode, a computer with two serial ports and an installed product is placed between two serial devices communicating with each other.

You start monitoring Serial Bridge and watch all the packets exchanged by these devices, with the ability to parse and analyze them in detail. You can specify different settings for both ports including baud rate, parity, byte size, stop bits and flow control.

Serial ports graphical data analysis & statistics

Only our product offers you a truly sophisticated graphical and statistical analysis of data obtained during the monitoring of serial ports. You can analyze not only real-time data, but also historical data stored in pre-recorded log files.

You can inspect the following data parameters: Packets Total/sec, Bytes Total/sec, Bytes Read/sec, Bytes Written/sec, IO Packets/sec. The product allows you to customize the list of data being analyzed, and specify the type and form of the analysis.

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