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Infix PDF Editor Pro

With Infix PDF Editor you can open, modify and save PDF files. It’s simple and doesn’t take much time: you can change text, fonts, images, etc. And unlike other PDF editors, Infix works like a regular text editor, and is really easy to use. Get rid of typos: quickly fix errors in PDF files. Use Existing PDF Files: Make changes to PDF without revisiting the original file. Save paper: Fill out forms without having to print on paper. It doesn’t matter how much text you need to change: one word, a paragraph, or an entire page. Infix is ​​the only PDF editor that can back you up by changing the formatting and layout of the text. After saving, all changes will organically fit into the file.

Features of Infix PDF Editor:

• Advanced features for working with PDF graphics.Infix Pro includes a set of tools for graphics processing, for example, objects can be grouped, hidden or blocked, they can be modified and created clipping masks, it is convenient to align them with the existing vertical ruler, in addition to which grids, guides and page margins are provided.
• Insert from PDF. Use existing PDF documents as components – just place them on the page. Like any other object, they can be rotated, moved, and resized. With Infix, any document can be converted to PDF, so you can import any type of document into PDF.
 Merge PDF using drag and drop.Drag and drop any number of PDF files into Infix to merge them into a single document. You can add headers, footers, and page numbers to all pages of your document using the powerful Multi-Page Copy feature.
• Translation of PDF documents using translation tools and XML. Export PDF to XML format to work with any CAT application and import translated text (XML) back to PDF. With Infix, the translated text will be placed just like it is in the original document, and the need for layout changes and font replacements is minimal.
• Merge PDF using drag and drop.Efficient text fitting ensures the best look for Infix Server templates and regular illustrations. Infix Pro allows you to customize the automatic text fitting options and specify which characteristics to change. You can fit text across multiple columns or across multiple pages.
• Search and replace in multiple PDF documents. Infix Pro has powerful search functionality across multiple PDF documents and even catalogs filled with such documents. The search is performed on all documents, while the original documents are not changed, and all errors or processing problems are recorded. In addition, the search and replace function can be applied to hyperlinks, which is useful, for example, if the address of the company’s website has changed.
• Search in PDF and replace by font, color or size.More diverse search criteria allow you to limit results by text size, color, or font – useful for replacing text in headers and footers without having to change the body text of a PDF document.
• Text censorshipA convenient and simple censoring function that allows you to select and remove any piece of text. In this case, the original text is guaranteed to be deleted, and a black bar is substituted in its place.
• Blocking PDF elements in templates. Set restrictions in PDF files created for clients: the ability to block objects, move objects only vertically (to maintain alignment), limit the use of color sets and fonts.
• Text censorship.Create PDF templates for Infix Server. Marking up areas of text to be replaced using the ordering feature. Ability to specify the text layout type during replacement. Marking up images, defining cropping and alignment options used in replacement. The Professional edition includes all available features: • Text editing and layout, standard text editor tools • Convert PDF to ePub, RTF, HTML • Convert any file to PDF using Infix PDF Printer • Merge multiple PDF files into one • Comments: stamps , notes, captions, highlight text, and more. • Photo albums: add hundreds of photos and create a PDF album

Additional Features

• Translation of PDF documents into other languages ​​using XML
• Creation of arrows with diagram captions
• Find and replace text
– in rich text
– in hundreds of documents
– in bookmarks and notes
– in hyperlinks
• Working with layers – show/hide/rename for Easier editing
• Text censorship – Easily and efficiently delete text in confidential documents
• Efficient automatic bookmarking
• Copy objects to multiple pages
• Automatic pagination
• Chain text blocks and export their content as HTML, ePub, RTF, etc. .
• Font Override – Edit PDF files that would be impossible to edit or export without this feature
• Grid, Guides and Margins – Easy layout creation
• Add embedded or custom watermarks to pages and remove these marks.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.


You can download Infix PDF Editor Pro from the link below…

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