INSTA PLAYOUT 4.5 With Crack

INSTA PLAYOUT: SD/HD/2K/4K Multiformat playout software. It supports all major file format for playback. Inbuild CG editor allows to overlay channel logo,watermark, crawl, animation and digital clock. Log report for played clips. Insta Playout allows to schedule clip or playlist. Supports RTMP,RTSP,UDP stream out. Now supports NewTek’s NDI Input and Output. Latest version of Insta Playout supports SRT. Insta Playout is available in 3 versions.

Why Insta Playout?

  • Ideal for small channels with small budget for playout operation
  • Easy to use for Church Streaming, Community TV, Universtity to run WebTV
  • Integration with VMix, OBS, Wirecast through NDI to run 24X7 playlist
  • All in one solution for Playback, CG, Capture and streaming
  • Backup Playout for large Broadcast channels

Key Features​


  • Insta Playout supports SD/HD/2K/4K file for 24X7 playback
  • Multiformat file support(AVI, MOV, MKV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP2, MP4, VOB, H.264, MXF, DV, DVCPRO)

Log Report​

  • Insta Playout creats LOG report of played clips in TXT file format for each day
  • It stores start time and end time of played clips

NDI Input / Output​

  • Insta Playouts supports NewTek’s NDI for input and out put
  • Its allows to connect other application with NDI like VMix, OBS etc


  • Insta Playout allows to schedule clip,playlist,URL and LIVE input
  • Schedule can be created for day,week and month
  • Each day schedule will be loaded automatically
  • It plays clips from main playlist while the schedule is empty
  • Auto ON/OFF of logo and CG overlay is possible



  • Create and save playlist
  • Multi format clips in same playlist
  • Drag and Drop of clips in playlist
  • Split clips in segment and duration is possible
  • Clips can be trimed
  • Auto ON/OFF of logo and CG overlay
  • Copy and paste of clips in the playlist
  • Group selection of clips for moving up and down

Stream Input / Output​

  • Insta Playout supports RTMP,RTSP,UDP streamout
  • It supports RTMP,UDP, HLS stream as input
  • It allows to stream RTMP through Adobe FMLE
  • Also, It allows to stream to YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK, USTREAM and other streaming service

Live Input​

  • Insta Playout supports LIVE Input from BlackMagic Designs Decklink, AJA, Magewell, Bluefish 444, Streamlabs card, Osprey, Deltacast
  • Gapless switching of LIVE input and video clips
  • LIVE duration can be set

CG / Title​

  • Insta Playout supports unlimited text and Graphics layer
  • Crawl and roll creation
  • Supports animated sequence file
  • Add outline, shadow, glow to text layers
  • CG playlist creation and playback

Dual Playout​

  • Insta Playout supports Dual playout in the same system with single license
  • Different output card can be assigned for each playout application

Aspect Ratio​

  • Insta Playout supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio plaback


  • Insta playout supports SRT and WebRTC

Supporting Output Hardware​

  • BlackMagic Designs Decklink, AJA, Magewell, Bluefish 444, Streamlabs card, Osprey, Deltacast Cards

You can download INSTA PLAYOUT from the link below…

Download Link

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