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Librera PRO

Librera PRO: Expand your collection of books in PDF, EPUB, DjVu and FB2 formats. The functionality of the reader is wonderful, everything you need, for example, it can play music sheets or notes with music, three types of reading mode, set up page turning, cutting out white document borders and much more is waiting for you in this excellent e-book reader. Enjoy reading!

Three Types Of Reading Mode

  • In advanced mode, all pages scroll up and down in sequential order
  • In easy mode, all pages are displayed horizontally, just like in a real book
  • Musician mode to play music sheets or music notes in PDF, DjVu format

Main Features

  • Finds all files on the device and displays them after launch.
  • One click to view the file, adjust the appropriate reading scale and fix it.
  • In lock mode, the book scrolls down or up only, not left or right.
  • Enable automatic document scrolling and adjust the scroll speed.
  • Translate words or phrases in your favorite offline dictionary or use free online word and expression translators.
  • Easily browse, add bookmarks, view all thumbnail pages, navigate through book content and more.
  • Lock it to prevent the page from moving from left to right
  • Search for text in the book
  • Contents
  • Night mode
  • Search for all PDF, EPUB, DjVu, FB2 books on the device
  • View full screen book, hides all UI controls
  • Customize page turning books on devices such as Nook, Kindle, Sony
  • File system navigation system
  • Display all recent books in chronological order
  • Switch to white or black theme
  • Change screen orientation: Portrait, Landscape, Auto
  • Take notes on the page, add bookmarks
  • Export and send PDF, DJVU page as image (send it via Gmail, Viber , Skype)
  • Cut out white document borders
  • Auto-scroll, adjust speed, start-stop on double tap
  • Adjust background color and font
  • Thumbnails for book and pages
  • Widget for recent books
  • Export bookmarks
  • Multi-window support in Samsung
  • Highlight text
  • Manipulation with selected text or expression: copy, Google search, translate online, translate in offline application.

What’s New?

  • Improved PDF viewing and reading in Epub
  • Copy, paste, move files in the file manager
  • Improved tag manager
  • Added playlists (book grouping, reordering)
  • Play mp3 files and folders
  • Footnotes directly to the text

OS: Android™ 4.0 and higher

Interface language: Russian / multilingual

Status: hacked (full version)


You can download Librera PRO from the link below…

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