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Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a popular photo editor all over the world! Version 3 includes free and paid photo editing features, offering users a wide range of options in image enhancement and image editing, as well as in the field of computer graphics design. With the editor, you can perform various tasks, from simple basic tasks to complex tasks. You can edit existing images, create new artwork from existing images, create new artwork from scratch, and more.

List Of Main Functions

  • Fine repair and editing tool – With these tools, you can perform repairs on the accuracy of images, such as removing scratches and unwanted details, enriching, underlining, sharpening, blurring and spreading over image areas and many other precise operations. . You can even remove pimples and wrinkles from faces in photos (portraits).
  • Computer Graphics Tools – With these tools, you can create and enrich your photos with stunning, colorful graphics. Computer graphics include regular brushes, custom brushes (with the exception of the various brushes that come with the program, you can make your own brushes), line and shape tools, fill tools, and more. Support for graphical transparency tools, textures, patterns, gradients and more.
  • Rich Text Tools – you can enrich your work with various texts. You can add text to photos, from simple, one-shade text to complex text that uses complex multi-shade colors and textures, including text along paths (such as text along a circular path, text along an arc, text wavy and more). Texts also support transparency, textures, patterns, gradients, and more.
  • Special Effects – The software contains many features for creating special effects. With their help, you can both enrich your work and create stunning and eye-catching works.
  • Selection tools – With these tools you can select the desired areas of the image and edit only those areas. The program offers many powerful selection tools, including many automatic selection tools for desired areas. Choice of tools to support transparency, pen, Smooth (Smoothing) and more.
  • Layers – one of the important features of the program is the ability to create photos with multiple layers. For each layer, you can set the level of transparency, place in the hierarchical level of layers, blending mode (Blend Mode), Curve Graph and much more. The use of layers offers endless editing possibilities for users as well as maximum operational flexibility.
  • Masks – the software supports Masks and Alpha “Masks. In addition to the various masks that come with the program, you can create new masks of your own choice or use mask files created by others.
  • Gradients, Patterns and Textures (Gradients, patterns and textures) – The program supports various textures, patterns and gradients You can use different textures, patterns and gradients that come with the software or create new ones as you like
  • Script Tools – allow you to define a number of image enhancement operations and save them You can create powerful scripts and run them on as many files as needed.
  • Batch Operations – the program allows you to perform various operations on many graphic files at the same time (batch processing) and thus saves time by not wasting your time on performing monotonous operations on each individual photo (for example, you can reduce the size of all graphic files in directory and improve the quality of them all at once, without having to open each file separately).
  • Image File Type Conversion – The software allows quick and easy image file format conversion (eg you can convert Bmp format photo catalog to Jpg format in one easy process).
  • Photo Browser – The program contains a built-in image browser with which you can easily view photos stored on your computer. With the help of a browser, you can easily perform various administrative operations.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP


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