Planetary Aspects & Transits 19.72 – (Geo Helio Perso) + Loader

Planetary Aspects & Transits

Planetary Aspects & Transits are certain angular relationships between two planets (whether a planet moving in the heavens or a planet in a natal chart). Planetary Aspects and Transits is Windows software designed to help students of astrology (both amateur and professional) to explore world transits (which are periods of time during which two moving planets remain in a particular aspect) and personal transits (which are periods of time during which a moving planet remains in a particular aspect to a natal planet).

This program has many user-selectable options, such as the ability to choose your preferred zodiac (tropic or sidereal), set values for aspect orbs, and show only the outer planets (that is, Jupiter to Pluto). After entering a date and time you can view the corresponding world transits in either tabular or graphical ‘chart’ form (see examples below), showing how many aspects of each kind (square, trine, etc.) are present, and also if any aspect patterns (T-square, kite, yod, etc.) are present. You can search for aspect patterns from the currently-entered date onwards. The chart may be animated so that the development of transits can be viewed in steps of a day, a week, a month or a year.

Planetary Aspects & Transits

You can also enter a birth date and get tabular and graphical display of natal aspects (the horoscope), and for a given date get the personal transits for that date (that is, which moving planets are transiting which natal planets on that date, and how long those transits last). By entering two birth dates you can get the synastry (that is, the aspects which the planets in one natal chart make to the planets in the other).

The display of personal transits can also be animated, so as to see when aspects and aspect patterns form and subside for someone born at a certain date. Additional information of interest to the serious astrologer is given regarding when transits start and end, and their duration. In the case of personal transits this information is displayed graphically for the entire course of the transit, showing when the transit becomes exact, or at least reaches a minimum.

Astrology is based on either the tropical zodiac or the sidereal zodiac; this software allows you to choose your preferred zodiac. It has both tabular and graphical output.


You can download Planetary Aspects & Transits from the link below…

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