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2k10 Live

2k10 Live: A multi-boot system administrator disk with the ability to boot from CD/DVD, flash drive, USB-HDD and regular HDD, and consisting of several PE-assemblies, which allows you to boot and work comfortably on almost any computer.

Key Features:

  • Support for UEFI, x64 and x32
  • Cleaning the OS from viruses / trojans / blockers
  • Data recovery, operating system and its boot
  • Creating/deploying system images
  • Windows installation (distribution kits are not included in the assembly), incl. Using the programs 78setup and winsetup2k10 from the authors of the assembly
  • Unique development – a single software package for all PE assemblies and a regular OS (more than 400 programs)
  • Support for multimedia and networking with the ability to access the Internet
  • Modular structure of the assembly, which gives almost unlimited possibilities for editing the assembly by the user according to his requirements – winpe exception, adding / deleting in the software package
  • User settings and files are located in special user.* folders (which allows you to automatically exclude them when updating the assembly on a flash drive), they are easily changed and further changes in the assembly do not affect them.

Additional Information:

The archive contains patch_*.exe files, with their help you can get the following images from the main ISO:

2k10cd.iso (CD version of 2k10 for 700Mb size). CD-version, adapted to the size of 700Mb. Contains only C9PE and a reduced set of programs.

2k10md.iso (MD version of 2k10 for 1.4Gb size (mini-disk)). MD-version, adapted to the size of 1.4Gb (mini-disk). Contains WinPE C9MM and Win8x86 and a reduced set of programs. DrCureIt replaced by DrWeb Scanner (works from media, without unpacking databases)

Sections Of The Programs-2k10 Software Package:

  • Windows installation
  • Antivirus
  • HDD utilities
  • Boot Recovery
  • Partition Recovery
  • System Restore
  • Data recovery
  • CD & DVD utilities
  • Flash Utilities
  • Archivers
  • Drivers
  • File managers
  • Multimedia
  • Editors
  • Registry
  • Internet
  • Remote access
  • Utilities
  • System Utilities
  • Tests
  • Utilities

ISO image checksum:

  • CRC32: 64753042
  • MD5: 7120AB5DF2C234D8BE64C5E1FFB96CD7
  • SHA-1: 1B2466D376663856455B4BB1A3AEF210A41C8549


You can download 2k10 Live from the link below…

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