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BluffTitler Ultimate

BluffTitler is a program for creating beautiful 3D text effects and simple animation for video editing. The result can be viewed in real time and then exported to a picture or video format. All created animation consists of layers that can be modified independently. BluffTitler supports a large number of different types of layers: camera, light, text, image, video, plasma, particle, audio, etc. Layers can be linked to each other to create special effects. The program can be used in conjunction with such packages as: Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX video deLuxe, Canopus Edius and Adobe Premiere.

Animation in the program is created in layers, due to which there are associations with a graphics editor, and not with a video editor. Up to 64 layers can be used in one project, which is more than enough to create even very long titles full of effects.

A Total Of 12 Types Of Layers Are Available, Which Can Be Added To A Project By Selecting Layer From The Menu:
  • Light – a layer that allows you to set the lighting for the project. The program allows you to choose between two types of illuminators – Ambient Light and Point Light. The first one is simpler and allows you to adjust only the color of the lighting, but with the help of Point Light you can select the intensity and position of the light source, determine the presence of shadows.
  • Text – layer for adding text. Since the creation of titles is the main purpose of the program, we can say that this layer is the main one. A huge number of parameters are available for text, including the size of the point size, transparency, twisting, changing the position, scale, spacing between letters.
  • EPS – this layer makes it possible to add vector objects in the EPS format, such as arrows, geometric shapes, etc., to the project.
  • Picture – layer for adding a background image. Supported formats are BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, etc. Many options are available for this layer, such as changing transparency, texture repeatability, rotation, resizing.
  • Video – the layer resembles the previous one and is designed to add a background video file. Supported file types are ASF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, VOB, QT and WMV.
  • Video Capture – a layer that allows you to include video captured from an external source in the project.
  • Plasma and Particle – with the help of these layers, you can add prepared versions of animations with particles and light effects to the titles. It can be a picture that resembles interference on a TV screen, fireworks, falling snowflakes, a fountain, etc. Interestingly, these two layers can be used not only as a background, but also to decorate other layers. For example, if you add one of them to the text, then the animation effects will appear inside or around the letters. Thus, it is possible, for example, to create burning text. To add a Plasma or Particle layer to another layer, use the Attach command on the Layer menu.
  • Model – layer provides an interesting opportunity to add three-dimensional models to the project. The program supports the only .X format. Files of this format can be obtained, for example, by exporting a 3D model from 3ds Max. To do this, you first need to install the free Panda DirectX Exporter plugin. The plugin is only available for 3ds Max versions 6-8.
  • Scroll – a layer for creating text that moves across the screen at different speeds and in different directions.
  • Audio – this layer can be used to add musical accompaniment to the project. MP3, WAV and MID formats are supported.
  • Passe-Partout – a layer that creates frames of various shapes, within which effects are animated.

The Effects That Can Be Created Using Blufftitler Include:

  • Golden Beveled Titles
  • Blood Dripping Titles
  • Jpg Textured Titles
  • Mpg Textured Titles
  • Slimy Titles
  • Hairy Titles
  • Exploding Titles
  • Reflection Imaged Titles
  • Twisted Titles
  • Cartoon Shaded Titles
  • Gold Glowing Titles
  • Spooky Illuminated Titles
  • Silver Spiked Titles
  • Blending Titles
  • Inverted Titles
  • Returning Titles
  • Powerfield Emitting Titles
  • Flying Stem Titles
  • Header Pumping
  • Plasma Backgrounds
  • Background Videos Turning Into Donuts
  • Particle Effects
  • Mp3 Audio
  • Turning Jpg Images
  • Explosion Of Video Backgrounds
  • Fractal Backgrounds


You can download BluffTitler Ultimate from the link below…

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