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Chess is a chess game for your Android mobile device that allows you to play your favorite game on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet.

Distinctive Features

  • 12 difficulty levels (beginner->professional).

This system uses rational complexity reduction for lower levels. Good for beginners.

  • Modes “Amateur” and “Ac”.

Two different game modes allow you to choose how many tips you will receive during the game, and statistics are kept separately in both cases.

  • Using the Treebeard chess engine.

(used as in Microsoft MSN Chess). This engine is characterized by a unique “humanoid” style.

  • Chess coach

When this option is selected, the recommended piece for the move is shown. This will help you think about how to play without imposing any specific move. This feature is good for developing chess playing skills and at the same time helps to avoid simple mistakes.

  • Option “Show how the PC thinks” for level 3 and above.

A unique feature, great for learning to play chess. Selecting this option shows the moves the AI ​​is considering.

  • Statistics, timers, tips and odds.

Keep track of your game stats on each level and improve your ranking.

  • Achievements, leaderboards and a cloud to save statistics!

The options are available when you sign in with your Google+ account.

• Elo rating based on the results of the game against the PC in the “Ace” mode!

  • Mode “Two players”.

Play against your friends!

  • 8 chess boards and 7 sets of chess pieces.
  • “Overview” mode.

Go back at any point in the game and see how you came to victory!

  • Load/save game files and export PGN.
  • The game is designed for tablets and phones.
  • Landscape mode available for tablets!

OS: Android™ 4.4 and higher


You can download Chess / Chess from the link below…

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