DirectUpdate 4.8.1 Build 7 With Crack

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DirectUpdate is the first and only DNS client dynamic updater that runs as a remotely administered NT service. Do you want to host your own web server or ftp server but don’t have a fixed IP address? Dynamic DNS for you! Create an account and run DirectUpdate on your computer and you will always have your own domain up to date pointing to your computer!


  • Full service NT (NT4.0 / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008/7 / Vista / 10) and service-like (98 / Me).
  • Remote administration anywhere from the local network and the Internet.
  • Local and remote IP discovery with user selection (LAN, DSL / cable router supported).
  • Supports many dns-services / providers at the same time.
  • WebAdmin (full administration using your browser!).
  • The update can be forced to run every XX days to avoid being banned.
  • Add support for “Wildcard” and “MaileXchanger”.
  • Support for proxy server and proxy server authentication.
  • Fully customizable notifications (e-mail and FTP).
  • The engine can launch an external application and restart the service when a new IP address appears.
  • Monitored log file size and syslog deamon support.
  • The KeepAlive option to keep you connected to the Internet when needed.
  • Support for IP discovery through hidden (automatic) ISP proxy.
  • Support for local IP discovery using direct router query.


You can download DirectUpdate from the link below…

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