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Divya Chakshu


Vedic astrology is super science with high number of calculations. These calculations aid in improving the accuracy of predictions. Having most of the calculations in one app helps in faster analysis and hence i have built this software. The objective behind developing this app is to make vedic astrology reach all those people who are in need and also help in deeper research on this subject. The software is built as per classical literature. General predictions based on the planet position will be true but sometimes unnoticeable because of various combinations and strengths of planets. Hence instead of general prediction specific prediction as per horoscope is more approriate. Hence currently this software app does not include predictions, it will be made available in future releases.

So this app can be source of all information required for an astrologer to do analysis. Further ehancements are planned to make horoscope analysis easier. Stay tuned.

Astrology Parameters Provided In This App

  • Astrological particulars
  • Planetary positions, shubha-ashuba shadvarga, vaisheshikamsa, ishta-kashta calculation, 22nd drekkana, 64th navamsha, shashtiamsa diety, graha samaya
  • Shodasha Varga Kundali + Panchamamsha + Shashtiamsha + Ashtamamsha + Rudramsha
  • Graha Mitra Chakras (General, Tatkalik and panchadha (Five Fold))
  • Shadbala, Vimshopaka bala and bhava bala
  • Planetary Avastha (Baladi, Jagruthadi, Sayanadi and Lajjitadi avasthas)
  • Bhava chart and Bhava longitudes
  • Divisional chart of Bhava
  • Vimshottari dasha, Yogini dasha, Chara dasha
  • Vimshottari dasha entry chart
  • Jaimini chart
  • Hora lagna, Bhava lagna, Ghatika lagna and Varnada lagna as per Jaimini technique
  • Sarvashtaka varga, Binnashtaka varga, Prashtarashtaka varga and Ayurdaya
  • Planetary transit chart, ashtakavarga kaksha positions, murthy nirnaya, vedha
  • Sudarshana chakra, Sudarshana calculations, yearly, monthly and daily charts
  • Sarvathobadra chakra
  • 120 Yogas excluding raja yogas, dhana yogas, khala yogas and dhainya yogas
  • Tajik chart, Tajik mudda dasha
  • Natal Sahams and Tajik Sahams
  • Various other calculations like Bheeja longitude, kshetra longitude, longitudes of satellites, Santhana Thithi, yogi, avayogi etc
  • Panchanga of the day, chandrakala, chandra avasthe, chandra vela
  • Pancha pakshi time periods
  • Dagdha rashi, arohana-avarohana tatva
  • Customization of ayanamsa
  • Nitya dasha and sub-dasha
  • Find when a planet will be at particular degree
  • Detailed Horoscope matching
  • Table of future planet transit date and time

Notable Features Of App

  • This App runs offline. No need of internet
  • Horoscope is fully available in South Indian Style, North Indian and North Eastern style
  • Accurate calculations
  • True position of all the planets and also Rahu-Ketu
  • Ayanamasa can be customized over Lahiri ayanamsa
  • Future planet transit Date and Time can be found easily
  • Can determine when a planet will be at particular degree in future
  • Advanced Horoscope Match Making as prescribed in book “Mela Meli”
  • User friendly interface
  • Overlap of Natal and Transit planet positions for easier analysis
  • Can plot the chart as per standard time or Local time
  • Optional setting to keep Screen always ON
  • Available in English and Kannada
  • Almost all your calculation needs are available in this app;

Divya Chakshu


Pancha Pakshi is a subject of astrology which helps individual find the best time during day or night where all his efforts pays maximum returns.

Pancha pakshi uses 5 birds vulture, owl, crow, cock and peacock for analysis. Each individual based on birth details will be represented by one of these 5 bird, if birth details are not known then name of the individual is considered. These 5 birds do 5 activities ruling, eating, walking, sleeping and dying during day and same 5 activities during night. The order of activities depends on moon, waxing moon or waning moon.

Bird doing ruling is extremely strong and bird in dying activity is extremely weak. So to get best outcome from activities we have to choose the time when the bird representing individual is having good power. Though individuals are represented by single bird, all the bird will be influencing the individual all the time. Each bird has a friend and enemy. So during time period where enemy birds are strong, activities started by individual will struggle. So we need to be careful in selecting the start time of activities.

This app generates daily report with time periods which are good, medium and bad for starting any activity. The app also has information for individuals on how to use the report for trading or entering a competition or starting a business or starting any auspicious work. The report also has more information which helps true astrologers predict and suggest remedies. Individual who don’t remember their birth details can also use this app, their report will be based on their name.

The Report Gives Following Information

  • Star, thithi and weekday
  • Ruling and Dying bird of the day and night
  • Time periods as per birth place
  • Time periods as per current place of residence
  • Main activity of the bird
  • Sub activity of the bird
  • Color and direction of the bird doing sub activity
  • Strength of the main bird
  • Finally the effect or impact of that time period on individual

Want to reiterate that Pancha pakshi technique helps in getting best of the time, it should not be misunderstood with success. For example if as per horoscope (not available in this app) the time period is showing monetary gain then by following pancha pakshi report monetary gain can be maximized. On a similar line if horoscope indicates loss then by following pancha pakshi report loss can be minimized.


You can download Divya Chakshu & Divya Pakshi from the link below…

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