ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus Premium 7 Crack Free Download

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus Premium

No more viruses, ransomware, adware, phishing or other malware. Download files, make purchases, conduct banking transactions or simply surf the websites – everything is protected with ESET Mobile Security.

Basic Features
• Virus Protection: Anti-Malware – Intercepts threats and cleans them from your device.
• Real-time Scan: Scans all files and applications for malware.
• Security Report: An overview of how secure your device is.
• Activity log: View ESET Mobile Security activity.
• Scan USB on the go: Scan any connected USB device for threats.

Advanced features
• Payment security: You can shop and bank securely online.
• Anti-theft: powerful features that protect your phone and allow you to find it if lost. These include:
• Detection: locks the phone, takes pictures when suspicious behavior.
• Tracking: Find your missing device. When the battery is low, the last location is sent.
• Custom message on screen: send a message to the person who found your missing device.
• Remote Wipe: Remove all data from your phone if it is lost.
• Anti-Phishing: Uses ESET’s malware database to identify fraudulent websites.
• Network Inspector: Scan your network and all connected devices to identify security issues.
• Call Screening: Block calls from specified and unknown numbers and specific contacts.
• Application lock: the ability to enable additional authentication to access important applications.
• Adware Detector: Detect and remove applications that display ads unexpectedly.
• Security audit: check the permissions of any application.
• Scheduled Scan: Check your device every time you charge or whenever you want.

OS: Android™ 5.0 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilingual


You can download ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus Premium from the link below…

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