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GeoGebra is a multiplatform software for mathematicians, distributed by the authors free of charge, which allows you to open new horizons for understanding geometry and algebra, visualize complex expressions, and learn how to interactively understand how complex geometric shapes are built.

Such a symbiosis of several sciences in a single application interface will allow you to quickly master many tricks in the coordinate system, understanding the correct construction of geometric shapes not only on the plane, but also in space.

Key Features

  • Curve construction
  • Construction of graphs of functions;
  • Construction of curves specified parametrically in the Cartesian coordinate system:;
  • Construction of conic sections: Conic of arbitrary form – by five points.
  • Circle: – in the center and a point on it;
    – in the center and radius;
    – at three points;
  • Ellipse – by two Focuses and a point on the curve;
  • Parabola – in focus and directrix;
  • Hyperbola – by two foci and a point on the curve;
  • 3D modeling
  • Construction of the locus of points depending on the position of some other point belonging to some curve or polygon (Locus tool).
  • Computing
  • Actions with matrices: addition, multiplication;
  • Transpose, invert;
  • Calculation of the determinant;
  • Calculations with complex numbers;
  • Finding the intersection points of curves;
  • Statistical functions: calculation of mathematical expectation, dispersion;
  • Calculation of the correlation coefficient;
  • Approximation of a set of points of a curve of a given type: polynomial, exponential, logarithm, sinusoid
  • Working with tables
  • Animation
  • Lots of new commands like SlopeField, LocusEquation, SurdText
  • New and improved tools: Pen, Freehand Shapes, Delete, Hard Polygon
  • The program allows you to create Java applets of dynamic drawings for their inclusion in Web pages
  • Download ready-made templates from the official website in .ggb format

You can download GeoGebra from the link below…

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