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Lacey is a simple tool for searching and downloading multimedia content – audio and video. Finding popular hits on the Internet is usually not difficult, but it’s not always possible to download them. However, this is not a problem either, since there are programs that allow, as they say, to straighten links, or, to put it simply, download audio and video even from those resources that do not support this function. This is just one of those utilities.

The program has an easy interface with a minimum of settings and is very easy to use. As a source of multimedia content, the program uses four dozen popular resources, among which there are both free and completely legal, and pirated ones. They are included, but not all, the search is performed only on the most popular resources, whoever wants to expand the search circle can click on the impromptu triangle next to the site icons and select the sites he needs from the list that opens.

In addition to searching and downloading audio and video, the application supports playing music in the built-in player, converting video to MP3, connecting to and the social network Vkontakte. In the program settings, you can change the path to the directory for saving files, limit the number of simultaneous downloads and the size of downloaded files, select the quality of the content, enable or disable sorting content into folders and download covers – images in JPEG format. Additional features include the automatic launch of any executable file when the limits set by the user are reached.

You can download Lacey from the link below…

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