Office (R) Tool 2.21 Free Download Full Version


Office (R) Tool is an advanced tool to install, activate, and config MS Office 2016, 2019, and 2021.


Scrub Office
Reset — Repair Office
Start Kms Activation
Show Current Activation Status
Convert Retail License To Volume License
Install Office From Online Install Package
Create Office Online Web-installer Package Setup File
Create Office Online Web-installer Language Pack Setup File
Download Office Offline Install Image
Download Office Offline Install Package
Install Office From Offline Install Package-image
Create Iso Image From Offline Install Package-image
Check For New Version
Download Latest Release
Enable Visual Ui[with Ltsc Logo]
Enable Visual Ui[with 365 Logo]
Disable Acquisition And Sending Of Telemetry Data
Change Office Update-path (switch Distribution Channel)

Core function changes
User-friendly Interface
Up to date Activation files
Auto Create Package Info file
Auto Detect system Arch. & Lang
Multi-Language / Architecture Support

Menu changes
Install from ISO / Offline folder
Online / Offline Install Include Create ISO
Visual Refresh for Current & LTSC Channels
Downloading Offline Image / Offline Package
Convert & Activation for Office Products, Include 365 & Home

Last activation Error Code output
Proxy / Debug / Self Update Options *NEW*
Using Language Name instead Language code
Replace 0/1 selection, with something much better
Remove Not genuine banner & Pop-up (the new one)

What’s New?

~ Add check for multiple instances of the script
if found exiting instance running in the background,
the new one will be closed – this is not a good idea.

~ Welcome screen will show one Time only
will show only if the MDL link is missing,
after pressing A, a Link will be created.

~ Add 3 More Products to[M] Option
Add 3 more retail IMAGE downloads from MS Site.
– Generate Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium download-link >
– Generate Microsoft Office 365 Business download-link >
– Generate Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus download-link >

~ Improved getPID script
the new version work much better.

~ Improved anti-leech protection
this time I did a really good job.

~ Prevent GetPID script failure
if having a problem with WMI,
the GetPID script will fail too.
that will cause the Update Option to fail.
So .. Move it after the WMI_CHECK call.

~ update CleanOSPP tool to the latest version
thanks Dolmatov for the update
thanks ratzlefatz for the fixed files

~ Menu Upgrades & code improve
– BugFix for Update Option
– Major update to Convert License menu
– Disable RESIZE / MAXIMIZE window option
– Add welcome screen[ borrowed from MSMG script ]

~ Add option to Select region
must delete old settings.ini, and Update,
then you will see the new option.
thanks Dolmatov for the information.

~ Improve WMI fail check
if Winmgmt service is disabled and Stopped,
office(R)tool will be able to turn it on.
the previous code failed. now it is fixed.

~ Improve WMI / WSH fail check
Prevent script failure if find WSH / WMI possible problems
– Set Winmgmt service to 0x2
– Remove WSH ‘Enabled’ Registry Key
– Add Readable error if a failure occurs


You can download Office (R) Tool from the link below…

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