OmniPlayer E2 FULL + Clean Database Crack

OmniPlayer E2

OmniPlayer E2 FULL + Clean Database Crack​

OmniPlayer E2 is currently the most wanted Radio Automation Software used in Europe. Highly wanted.

HUGE PACKAGE. This package includes all tools to setup your OmniPlayer environment:

  • DupleXX and Outline (Loading playlists from Powergold)
  • AudioLink (to import audio to OmniPlayer)
  • DaNotifyService (Realtime updates in OmniPlayers’ DB)
  • MultiSend (upload / push API for Now Playing stuff to HTTP/HTTPS/FTP),
  • Remote Studio (Synchronisation for home voicetracking),
  • Airback (standalone local backup tool, DB + Audio),
  • PlaylistChecker (checks playlists, when no playlists exists -> notification by e-mail is sent),
  • DHD Global Logics Plugin (for Global Logics of your DHD Mixer, place in Program Files (x86)\M&I Broadcast Services\OmniPlayer E2\Plugins), Powergold + Keygen
  • …and more.

All above tools are provided with patched .EXE’s.


  • Make sure Sentinel HASP Service is installed(!), else the Applications will hang with Timeout log-messages.
  • Use 32 bit ODBC, 64 bit won’t work.
  • Use Network Service for Sybase: the Personal Database App limits to 5 connections and may give errors when operating larger databases / using more Apps inside OmniPlayer E2.

The only things not cracked are (but setups included):

  • M&I GPIO Server
  • OmniVeo Server (for Visual Radio / Videoclips with your music playout)

You can download OmniPlayer E2 from the link below…

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