Red Giant Trapcode Suite 18.0.0 Crack Free Download

Red Giant Trapcode Suite

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 18 Crack software is a set of modules for creating high-level visual effects in a 3D environment. Red Giant Trapcode Suite enables the creation of a variety of 3D spaces with powerful color, realism, audio, motion, and more features. The Red Giant Trapcode Suite module is used to work with virtual studios and cameras.

Trapcode Form is a module for After Effects designed to create animation effects that include fire, smoke, sand, wind. Trapcode Form can create effects of any complexity – from text logos that are carried away by a gust of wind, to a 3D model of the Earth. The module includes more than 60 presets, each of which contains customizable parameters. Through integration with the 3D environment in After Effects, the user can fly the camera around animated shapes. Trapcode Form offers built-in audio reactors where a bass beat, tambourine or rhythmic voice track can control movement, color, transparency, displacement and other variables to create a visualization.

Trapcode Horizon is a module for After Effects that allows you to work in three-dimensional format and is used to work with virtual studios and cameras. The module gives the composition a new look with a unique mapping tool, linking the After Effects camera to 3D space. By applying an image or gradients to the inside of a giant sphere, Trapcode Horizon creates an endless background. No matter where the camera is pointing, simple controls quickly create photorealistic backgrounds or sky gradients. The unique Trapcode Horizon module creates QuickTime VR events in After Effects and provides the ability to update the image with full control over 3D movement and camera field of view.

Trapcode Lux is a module for adding volumetric lighting effects to projects that require realistic spotlights, spotlights or lighting stages of all kinds. The solution is used to simulate the effect of light reflection in a semi-transparent medium, also known as “visible light”. This effect can be observed in cases where the air is not completely transparent, such as on stage during a concert or on a foggy evening outside. Trapcode Lux automatically creates visible sources for all Point and Spot lights in the scene. The solution integrates with all levels of After Effects Light and automatically updates to reflect changes made to the scene in 3D space. Trapcode Lux provides fast rendering and cross-platform support.

Trapcode Particular is a module for generating 3D particle systems, indispensable for creating a variety of special effects, from realistic smoke and explosions to simulating the movement of various design elements. The user can set controls for the following properties: speed, size, shape, duration, transparency, trajectory, change, depth of field and motion blur. White clouds, shiny bubbles, dust particles, rain, falling snow, natural smoke or a flock of birds can all be created with Trapcode Particular. The solution supports the ability to explore from the inside of the created project thanks to the functions of rotation, three-dimensional navigation and the ability to fly through particles in the created virtual environment. The module supports 64-bit operating systems as well as After Effects CS5.

Trapcode Shine is a module for creating lighting effects. The user is provided with special controls that allow you to simulate volumetric glow, flicker and set the color scheme of the backlight. The solution includes 22 powerful templates and allows you to create your own lighting effects. The module provides 16- and 32-bit support and guarantees high quality lighting effects for any project.

Trapcode Starglow module is designed to render the glow effect. The implementation of this effect is to create star-like reflections around the brightest parts of the object. The module allows you to simulate the defects of the objective lens and create completely new lighting effects. Trapcode 3D Stroke

moduleperforms controlled drawing of strokes along masks that can be freely rotated along any of the three axes using Adobe After Effects cameras. Masks can be dynamic: the user determines where the stroke start and stop points should be at certain points in time. When working with vector graphics, you can transfer objects from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects. All transformations occur in one layer. The module has a built-in camera for AE and Combustion and can use the composition camera.

Trapcode Echospace module provides creation of duplicated layers in image, text, video material and layer elements in three-place space. Motion and effects can wobble slightly – with shifting and delay controls, etc. The solution is to create overlapping layers and cast shadows on other layers in the composition.

Trapcode Sound Keys module is used to synchronize motion and sound using amplitude or frequency bands. The solution can be used to generate keyframes for other visual effects, such as combining Sound Keys with Trapcode Starglow to animate light brightness. Users are given the opportunity to visually select a single audio range, after which the program will automatically convert it into a sequence of keyframes.

System Requirements:

• Windows 10 (x64)
• Adobe After Effects CC 2019 and later
• Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later

You can download Red Giant Trapcode Suite from the link below…

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