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RollBack Rx Professional

RollBack Rx Professional is a time machine for your PC, a powerful system backup and recovery solution. The program allows you to easily restore Windows computers to a previous stable state in a matter of seconds. The dynamic method of the program’s operation allows, if necessary, to restore the system to any previous state within the time required to restart the computer.

Key Features

  • Restore to previous restore points in a few seconds;
  • Return to other snapshots of the system from a few minutes to several months ago;
  • Minimal impact on system resources;
  • Support for an unlimited number of system snapshots;
  • Creation of a complete snapshot of the system without the need to reboot the system;
  • Instant rollback of changes;
  • The ability to solve problems when installing programs and system updates;
  • Recovery of an infected machine;
  • Compatibility with VMWare and virtual machines, both as guest and host systems;
  • Support for multi-boot, multi-OS machines;
  • Snapshot lock to prevent automated deletion;
  • Intuitive image manager interface;
  • View and check in files and folders from any recovery image. Just drag and drop them to the active system;
  • Revert changes to any available system snapshot;
  • Ability to test any software and 100% removal;
  • The ability to recover files from a damaged computer, even when Windows does not boot;
  • Access control – management of administrative privileges of several users
  • Task Scheduler allows you to create snapshots of the system on a schedule, when certain files (eg, setup.exe) or manually;
  • 256-bit image encryption using the AES algorithm. Prevention of unauthorized access to data in case of device theft;
  • Management of group policies and administrative management of the corporate network;
  • Support for hidden mode – the ability to hide the RollBack Rx Professional icon in the system tray and the startup screen;
  • Changing the hotkey for accessing the console;
  • Built-in snapshot defragmentation tool that optimizes system resources and frees up free space;
  • Option to save file changes during recovery;
  • Advanced setup setup for system administrators;
  • Extended registration of program events;
  • Support for enterprise deployment deployment standards, including hidden installations and presets.

Benefits of RollBack Rx Professional

Complete Windows

System Recovery Solution System Restore allows you to restore only system files and some program files. In addition, if the Windows system has a severe failure when booting is not possible (for example, a BSOD), you will not be able to access the system utility. RollBack Rx technology works at the level of hard disk sectors and restores absolutely all data completely, to the last bit. The program works one level below the system itself. Thus, even in the event of a system failure, the user will be able to access RollBack Rx and restore Windows using the console.

Regular Backup Solutions

Most backup (create) methods are static and time dependent. Even disciplined users rarely back up regularly. In the event of a failure, depending on the age of the backup, it is often found that some of the data has been lost. Today, 98 percent of computer problems are micro-disasters (malware infections, failures to install software and system updates).

RollBack Rx is a dynamic system recovery solution. The program can be configured to automatically create snapshots in the background. It takes seconds to take each picture. When you want to restore your computer, you can very quickly return to any previous state in the time it takes to restart your computer.

Removing Programs And Cleaning The System Of Malware

Most application removal tools, including the system applet “Remove Programs” are partial solutions. Removing an application may leave remnants of the program on disk or in the registry. Only RollBack Rx can fully restore a running machine to a previous system snapshot. Antivirus programs are always trying to detect threats and update signature databases. RollBack Rx allows you to roll back all changes to systems made after infection, returning the state of a clean system. RollBack Rx is widely used for testing software without the risk of irreversible damage to the integrity of the system. RollBack Rx guarantees 100% recovery, i.e. complete removal of programs and viruses.

Instant Recovery With Saving Changes

Let’s say you’re working on an important document. Then, when checking e-mail, the system crashes severely and the system becomes completely inoperable. Unfortunately, the last picture was taken about a week ago. RollBack Rx technology allows you to return to the state of a week old system without losing data saved in the current system. The File Restore feature gives you access to any files on an unhealthy system, including the important document you’re working on. This feature is a must for organizations that need instant recovery of work files without downtime. RollBack Rx improves uptime by allowing system administrators to quickly restore a system to a stable, healthy state without losing data.

Administration Over The Corporate Network

RollBack Rx simplifies corporate network management. Horizon DataSys provides a free network management console for RollBack Rx customers. The Remote Management Console allows system administrators to manage, configure and monitor all RollBack Rx client installations, simplifying network administration tasks. The console allows you to get the functionality of client applications over a LAN, WAN, or even over the Internet.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.


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