SARDU MultiBoot Creator v4 + [Activator]

SARDU MultiBoot Creator

What can SARDU do?

SARDU MultiBoot Creator: everything you need for computer maintenance, always within reach on a USB Flash Drive with an easy to navigate MultiBoot menu.

Who needs SARDU?

If you are a professional who is always on the lookout for the best solution to optimise your work flow, and need all the tools required for computer maintenance easy to hand, SARDU MultiBoot Creator is the solution to your problems.
If you are involved in digital forensics and are looking for a tool that will allow you to boot all your BIOS Legacy and UEFI PCs, SARDU MultiBoot Creator software is the right choice.
Also, If you simply want to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you or your friends with your PCs, you will find SARDU MultiBoot Creator has your back.

What can SARDU MultiBoot Creator do?

SARDU MultiBoot Creator is a Windows and Linux software with which you can create a USB Flash Drive which meets your needs by choosing from a catalogue of over 300 bootable ISO images.

Do you need to install Windows from a USB, booting from Legacy BIOS or UEFI*?
With the Pro version of SARDU MultiBoot Creator, it is both quick and simple to create a USB Flash Drive from which you can then select the version of Windows you want to install, hopefully after having recovered or secured all your data and documents.

You can take advantage of the speeds available on the latest USB media, with respect to DVDs, to get a new Windows installation in just a few minutes.

With SARDU MultiBoot Creator there is no need to connect an external DVD player and/or carry around dozens of DVDs and/or other drives: you only need a single USB Flash Drive created with our software, which contains everything you need to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on a PC, and that you can then choose to boot from the easy to navigate MultiBoot menu and its 4 macro categories: AntivirusUtilityLinuxWindows.

It doesn’t matter if the system is so damaged as to make it impossible to boot Windows or Linux, the operating system has crashed, or even the hard disk is missing.

Using the same USB Flash Drive created with SARDU MultiBoot Creator you can: install Windows, debug, clone, make a backup and/or restore a Windows or Linux operating system – perhaps even Windows PE or one of the more than 200 Linux Live distributions, recover and save data, recover or change passwords, test your RAM and check the status of a hard disk, or give new life to an old PC.

SARDU MultiBoot Creator is the number one MultiBoot Creator software since 2008, used by leading IT professionals and companies in 237 countries.

You can download SARDU MultiBoot Creator from the link below…

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