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Serial to Ethernet Connector

It doesn’t matter how many serial ports you have: with the Serial to Ethernet Connector, your computer can have many serial ports with serial devices connected to it. Even if the shared serial device is physically located on the other side of the world, you can access it as if it were connected directly to your computer by forwarding the COM port over the network. When the connected RS232 device sends traffic data, it is actually transmitted over the IP/TCP network and back out of the network to your serial device.

Key Features

  • Share serial ports and devices over a TCP/IP network
  • Support TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols
  • Easily connect to a remote computer using the TCP/IP Telnet protocol, with RFC 2217 Telnet extensions to manage COM ports
  • Share unlimited number of serial ports for remote connections at the same time
  • No limit on the number of virtual serial ports or connections created (except your system resources)
  • Manage the state of port signaling lines in connections
  • Check the integrity of the connection using the “send command to keep communication” function
  • Ability to send data on a specific event (when a data block reaches a certain size, when a special character is received, and on some timeouts)
  • Serial port names are not limited to COMxx, they can actually have any name
  • High speed data exchange from / to virtual serial port (up to 256Kbps)
  • Virtual serial ports work like real physical ports
  • Automatically reconnect in a configurable timeout when the connection is lost
  • Possibility to increase small packet transfer rate by disabling “Nagle” algorithm
  • Dynamically change COM port parameters without the need to rediscover or create it
  • Automatic port configuration every time you start your computer
  • Assign your real serial port to any other virtual or real port
  • Configure advanced connection settings when you switch to Advanced mode
  • Easily monitor the activity of all programs in the “Activity Log”
  • Protect your data transmitted over the network , through a system of authorization and traffic encryption
  • The connection speed in pairs of serial ports is much more reliable and faster than in physical connections
  • The ability to create your own libraries for authorization and encryption (only in the SDK version)
  • Convenient and friendly user interface of the program. The presence of command line options.
  • Fully compatible with HyperThreaded and multi-processor systems
  • Runs in a virtual machine
  • Connect to multiple remote computers simultaneously
  • Rename full port names in Device Manager
  • Accurate baud rate emulation option for virtual ports

OS: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 2008 R2 SP1/7 SP1/8/10/11; Windows Server 2012/2016/2019; Windows 10/11 on ARM.


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