Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1 Free Download

Torque Pro

Torque Pro is a program that gives you the ability to scan, diagnose and view data about your vehicle. The application is a full-fledged diagnostic complex for car engines for Android devices. How does it work? All information displayed by the program is transmitted to it via the OBD-II interface. In order to connect OBD-II to your device, you need a Bluetooth adapter.

When the program is connected to the OBD-II interface, it starts to receive all the necessary information. The application displays 7 screens, through which you will be aware of the current state of the car. More precisely, the program displays the parameters of the engine. If the check engine light on the instrument panel lights up while Torque is running, the application can turn it off. The information you receive can be viewed in both graphs, watch faces and simple numerical values. In addition to the built-in widgets, you can use your own. Alarms for various values ​​​​of sensors can be configured independently. For example, for coolant temperature, engine speed or current speed. If desired, you can download an extended set of parameters from the car manufacturer.

The program contains a huge database of fault codes and allows you to monitor the condition of the engine in real time. Options such as monitoring performance, torque, current engine temperature, diagnostics of technical condition and much more are available.

Some Features Of The Program:

• Torque measurement.
• Reading and display of information about the temperature of the engine and interior.
• Customizable panels.
• Determination of speed and location using a GPS tracker.
• Sending your routes by email or social network.
• Reading and displaying vehicle errors, as well as resetting them.
• Reset Check-Engine.
• Various plugins for Torque Pro.
• Lots of different themes.
• Compass with GPS support.
• Connect third party applications, simple interface.

OS: Android™ 4.1 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilingual
Additional requirement: OBD-II Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter


You can download Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) from the link below…

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