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USB Low-Level Format Pro

USB Low-Level Format Pro: Low-level formatting is the process of formatting a drive that restores it to its factory default settings. USB sticks are convenient to use for data transfer, but various use cases lead to many problems. For example, a USB flash drive may, for unknown reasons, contain less capacity than when it was in its original state; The flash drive may have a smaller capacity after being used as a bootable ISO image USB drive. In other cases, the USB flash drive may lose capacity after being formatted on another device such as a smart TV or wireless router. If you are constantly encountering data corruption, viruses, invalid master boot record, hidden partition, bad boot sector, or bad sector flags in the firmware/controller of the USB flash drive,USB Low-Level Format can restore your failed USB drive.

It is a program that performs zero padding on a USB stick and simulates the finishing process as it is done in a factory. The USB low-level formatter clears all checkboxes, all data, and all settings on USB drives. The software analyzes the possible settings for the USB drive, figure out the physical amount of memory, talks to the firmware/controller of your USB drive, and writes a null byte to every location on the drive. The low-level formatting process is slow as the software completely and permanently erases all data from the USB drives and then restores the USB drives to their original state to restore the lost capacity and return them to normal.

In addition to low-level formatting, the software has more: it allows you to create a bootable USB drive for installing Windows, create a bootable USB drive for MSDOS, FreeDOS, Unix, Linux, WinPE (Windows PE) and WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment). It offers 9 industrial-grade data wipe options that securely wipe data from USB drives. It supports initializing USB drives of any capacity to popular file systems such as NTFS, FAT32, FAT, and exFAT.

What’s New?

  • Format USB drives with corrupted partition tables and invalid sector size
  • Support new USB flash drives with SanDisk USB storage controllers
  • Much faster quick format operation
  • Fix a bug in calling FormatEx2() API on Windows 10 64- bit and 32-bit


You can download USB Low-Level Format Pro from the link below…

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