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Alt-Tab Terminator

Alt-Tab Terminator Crack is an application for managing the windows of running programs, allowing you to almost instantly switch between them, shut them down, and launch another copy. The application is a worthy alternative to the system Alt+Tab dialog box.

Alt-Tab Terminator License Key is an elegant and powerful task management utility for Windows. Once installed, it replaces the default Alt-Tab dialog with a nice box that shows a list of all running tasks, with their names and preview snapshots, and enables the user to search through the list and navigate using the mouse and keyboard. Alt-Tab Terminator Serial Key is the direct successor to VistaSwitcher and TaskSwitchXP.

An average PC-user switches between windows with Alt+Tab hundreds of times per day! It’s one of the most common actions performed on a computer. With Alt-Tab Terminator Activation Code, you can not only switch tasks faster, but have the full control over any opened window, all within one click away.

“Terminator” can be called by clicking on the icon in the system tray, by pressing the system hot keys Alt + Tab, Win + Tab, or set by the user in the settings. You can switch between tasks using both the keyboard navigation keys and the mouse. Just like a system dialog box, Alt-Tab Terminator Keygen can show thumbnails (screenshots) of running programs.

For the main window of the program, it is possible to use light and dark themes, large and compact icons, the ability to refuse to display window titles, select one of three window sizes, and support full-screen mode.

Brand New Task Switcher

The main advantage of Alt-Tab Terminator Patch is a brand new switching window. Unlike to the standard Alt-Tab, it shows a live desktop preview of the selected application and an easy-to-read relevant list of tasks with titled icons so you can find the one you need immediately at a glance.

Advanced Features

• Task Preview

Visualization is the key point. Alt-Tab Terminator Free Download shows you the exact live desktop preview of the application you want to switch to, even if it has multiple child windows.

• Quick & Easy Navigation

Navigate through the task list with the keyboard (Tab, Arrow Keys, Home, End, etc.) or the mouse – simply place the mouse pointer over a task or use the mouse wheel.

• Clear Large Labels

Multiple window titles are arranged on a vertical task list; a large icon is placed by each one of them. Finding the right window has become much quicker.

• Customization

Press the Menu button in the top-left corner of the switching window to access the program menu and settings.

• Full Screen Mode

Press F11 or click the Full Screen button in the bottom-left corner to maximize the switcher window to the whole screen.

• Manage Windows with Ease

With Alt-Tab Terminator For Windows, you get the full control over any opened window – you can close, minimize, maximize, restore the main window, run a new copy or even terminate the application. You can press F4 a few times in a row to close windows one by one without activating them.

• Support for Windows 10 and UAC

Alt-Tab Terminator works with 32-bit and 64-bit applications, even if you run them with administrative privileges. It also supports high DPI and modern Metro apps on Windows 10.

Key Features

• Search by title
• Preview
• Application cloud
• Large tag cleanup
• Mouse and keyboard shortcuts
• Full screen mode
• Quick and easy setup
• Window manager
• Windows 10 and UAC support

What’s New?

  • Updated Settings dialog with many new customization options
  • New appearance options to disable Preview and App Cloud
  • Background blur, Shadow and cycle through all sizes with Full Screen
  • Releasing ALT/WIN/RMB switches to the selected task
  • Added Right Mouse Button + Wheel to switch tasks without keyboard
  • Added Close All and Minimize All for selected group
  • Added Exclusion by application executable file
  • Added search hint for selected application group
  • Added more custom hotkeys to open Alt-Tab Terminator
  • Many other improvements and changes to default settings

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8/10, 32-bit and 64-bit


You can download Alt-Tab Terminator from the link below…

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