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Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova brings advanced features to enhance your home screens, but still remains a great, user-friendly choice for everyone. Whether you want to completely overhaul your home screens or are looking for a cleaner, faster home launcher, Nova is the answer.

There are many different launchers available for Android OS. Not all of them may become useful enough for daily use. The modern application Nova Launcher will help to make using your smartphone even more comfortable and understandable. The program has won the trust of many users from all over the world. Stylish and user-friendly interface allows you to perform tasks at a convenient time for you with minimal consumption of smartphone resources.

Many users advise Nova Launcher, because it surpasses many competitors in its functionality, you can choose your own desktop design. The first launch will show you the usual shell for most of these applications. However, there are much more possibilities here than in analogues. Nova Launcher can rightfully be considered the most customizable launcher, where the user can change almost everything.

The first download of the application will not show all of its capabilities. Go into customizing the look and feel of your system to transform it in no time.

Nova Launcher Prime

Key Features

Customization Options

  • You can change the desktop exactly the way you want;
  • various dock bars;
  • changing the system menu, as well as changing the folder icon;
  • the user can completely change the design of the system, as well as views and gestures;
  • dedicated backup and move function.

Converting The Desktop

Here the user will see a huge number of add-ons. You can change the desktop grid, the maximum number of windows and other functional features. You can set the initial state of the application, where the launcher will independently determine the size of the desktop and its parameters. Application icons can be changed beyond recognition. You can not only change the size, but remove labels or replace the font with a more pleasing to the eye. A huge number of page scrolling effects allows you to choose the best option for your smartphone. Nova Launcher’s unique desktop customization capabilities are an important asset.

Launcher Menu Transformation

Like the desktop, the user can change the width and height of the menu. You yourself set the number of icons that will be placed on one page. Also, You can change the sorting and position of the icons according to your needs. You can choose the background for the menu yourself. It can be any picture. The user can remove the background and set the transparent mode, which will make the design more original. You can also change the page scrolling effects. The launcher has the ability to create additional panels and hidden tabs.

Dock Bars

The developers took care of their customers. You can use the dock bar, or you can turn off the feature effortlessly. In the settings, you can change the style of the panel, as well as their number. The size of the icons can also be customized according to your preferences. Completely individual settings of the dock bar functionality for your services.

Change Of Design Beyond Recognition

Indeed, the main point of setting up the system is “Design”. You can completely change the appearance of the launcher. You can download themes that are designed specifically for Nova Launcher and they will help turn the design of the system into something completely different. In the settings, you can change the screen orientation according to your requirements. You can change the speed of scrolling pages or animation of opening icons. You can see all this and many more functions in a modern launcher for smartphones! Nova Launcher

App can be considered a worthy candidate for the title of the best application for changing the appearance of the system. The developers guarantee the ability to change almost everything, and also provide several new features. You can save your settings in order to restore them in the event of a system reset. You may need to refresh the system, and the developer has taken care of the convenient use of the launcher.

You can download Nova Launcher Prime from the link below…

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